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We are passionate about helping people solve their I.T. needs. In turn a few of our clients have offered to share their thoughts about Mo in their own words.




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"Mo quickly and affordably installed and secured my new wireless network."           
Meri Soltis
School teacher

"... Mo the IT Guy is affordable and even fun!"                                                                                  
Paul Odlin
Small business owner

"I was thrilled with how helpful and resourceful Mo was. His rates are reasonable and his service impeccable!"

"Mo quickly diagnosed my problems, recommended practical, affordable solutions and then performed all the upgrades in a timely manner so that I was up and running with little delay."
Lenny Liscio
Chief Financial Officer

"Mo saved my laptop and saved me hundreds!"                                                                                   

"I have been very pleased with his responsiveness and understanding of our business needs."
Paul Ayscough
Sr. Marketing Director

"My computer was heavily infected with spy-ware and viruses which Mo quickly diagnosed and resolved. I would recommend him to anyone looking for great IT support."
Ann Oakes

"...he took the time to explain the problem and how much it would cost me to get my computer up and running again. I would highly recommend Mo, as his knowledgeable and friendly manner made a would-be stressful experience more tolerable."
Maria R
Marketing Manager

" The on-site servicing is a huge advantage. He walks you though the whole process, detailing costs and options every step of the way. Honest and fair, fast and efficient, Mo really knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anybody without hesitation."
Rich Karfilis
Radio Programmer

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